Business for Growth


Many businesses are growing faster than expected with our help. Do you want your Business to expand?

  • Sales to grow faster than at present with our proven four ways to GrowYourBusiness.
  • Profitability improved with better margins and greater efficiencies within your processes.
  • Team more passionate and motivated by your Vision and achieve more.
  • Costs kept in check and reviewed to provide best Value for Money

Achieving your dreams is by increasing your turnover, improving your profits and maybe selling the business in the future.

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We chair or facilitate the directors/managers of your company. Large PLC’s hold regular board meetings, discuss strategy, finance, budgets and the way forward by having FMS Boardview ensures that you obtain these same benefits.

One example of this is a growing Northamptonshire family SME, mother and two sons, which has been running steadily for two years. They want to double the turnover and be in a position to sell the business in the next two years. Stephen has been going in on a weekly basis, which will gradually become monthly as the business progresses. He has helped with the following:

  • Communication improvements within the existing team
  • Greater efficiencies  through regular meetings
  • Improved the directors’ time management,
  • Segregation of duties within the workplace
  • Assisted in implementing systems in the warehouse to know the precise stage of production that each job is

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You’re frantically running your own business, no time to think, plan or make proper business strategies as you’re constantly firefighting within your own business and not taking any steps forward in any productive way.

How FMS helps solve this:
A workshop tailored to your needs, where we sit down and run through the essential principles of time management: how to focus on what’s urgent and important More importantly to find time for what is important but not urgent and planning your business strategies.

Where this has worked before:
Stephen helped a service company with a bespoke time management solution eliciting the objectives of the team member. This was followed up by accountability sessions where action plans were agreed and reviewed to ensure that he was making the most efficient use of his time. This resulted in the cost of sales being reduced by 2%, saving the business £50,000 per annum.

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Often people leave employment for the freedom and fun of having your own business, only to find they are working for the worst boss of all – themselves. They are frustrated by the fact that they are earning less money, spending no time with their family and not enjoying their life.

How FMS helps solve this:
Comprehensive BusinessAppraisal with visioning and goal setting. This is where we look at systems and strategies so you know exactly what you are aiming for. We achieve this in a step by step approach, dreaming up your ideal future. This produces goals which will easily, effectively obtain what you desire and return the enjoyment back into the business.

Where this has worked before:
Stephen was asked to work with Specsavers Leamington Spa as they were running well as a business but the employees were being pulled apart by the two director’s different approaches. Through working with Stephen, the Director learnt how to work on rather than in the business, learnt how to improve the profits by a substantial amount in the two years he worked with them. The director now works three hours a day and spends quality time with his wife and new baby.

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